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What is Feng Shui?
What is "Black Hat" Feng Shui?
How Does Feng Shui Work?
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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese Art of Object Placement and Environmental Design, originating over 4000 years ago. Unlike the modern Western design concepts that we are more familiar with, Feng Shui primarily places emphasis on energy flow rather than aesthetics. This flow, called Ch'i, is an energy force that exists around us in our environments and also within us. It permeates and surrounds all living things. Depending on the quality of that flow, and how comfortably it moves through a space, it can directly shape for better or worse, all life situations including issues regarding health, finance and relationships.

Feng Shui can create environments that:

Attract Relationships
Generate Prosperity
Shift & Transmute Illness
Strengthen Your Health
Create Career Opportunities
Enhance Your Well Being
Support and Nurture Your Needs


Although it began 4000 years ago in Tibet,
(it then traveled through India & China),
Black Hat Feng Shui is the school of thought, 
that is most widely practiced in the U.S.A.
It has been founded by its Spiritual Leader 
H.H. Grand Master, Thomas Lin Yun.

      Professor Linn
H.H. Grand Master, Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche

It is a school of thought that uniquely combines the traditional principles of Feng Shui design with spirituality, psychology, modern science and the transcendental to reflect the needs of society today.


From a Feng Shui perspective, we believe that your environment (be it your home, business, or office) acts as a mirror image of you and your life’s circumstances. Issues such as poor health, limited finances, or relationship difficulties can be linked to corresponding structural and energy imbalances in your surroundings. By tracing the route that energy takes through your environment, a Feng Shui expert can detect and locate these obstacles and blocks. After careful assessment, specific recommendations are made for restoring balance to your environment. Energetic adjustments such as the repositioning of furniture, color and energy may include, for example, repositioning the bed for better health or hanging a wind chime in a specific area to increase wealth.
In addition, a mapping system called the 

(BAH-GOO-WAH) [click for map] 
is superimposed over your property floor plan, each floor and then each individual room of your home. The map then determines where the "9 Life Situations" areas are located throughout your home. The 9 areas include Relationships, Finances, Health, Children/Creativity, Family, Career, Fame, Knowledge/Spirituality, Helpful People.

In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui the correct placement of the Bagua is determined by the location of the door or entranceway into your home, business or room.

Once the different areas have been defined, they are assessed according to the principles of Feng Shui Design. Everything from furniture placement to door and window alignment is considered. Adjustments and adjustment items are recommended to rebalance or increase the energy of that particular area.

Adjustment items include indoor fountains, wind chimes, mirrors, crystals, mobiles, light, and others.


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